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1 week ago @ 9:12AM

Kings Lose to #1 Westwood

In basketball, there are nights where the shots find the net and other nights where nothing will go in. That was the case on Thursday night as the shots fell for the Westwood Patriots girls while at the same time not falling for the girls from Calumet as the Copper Kings lost at home, 58-35.

The Patriots are undefeated at 8-0 and have no seniors. More impressively, they have only have eight player. However, as their coach, Kurt Corcoran, is quick to point out, that is not a problem as all the girls know their role.

“The key to our success this year has been balance,” he said. “Our game is built around Madelyn Koski and Tessa Leece and everybody knows that. (Our girls) know that they need to feed the ball to them, and it seems to work.”

Work is exactly what it did against Calumet as Leece led the effort with 15 points and Koski had 12. Also in double figures for the Patriots were Karlie Patron with 11 and Ellie Miller with 10.

The Patriots opened the score right off the tip off with a two-pointer from Leece and never looked back. The Copper Kings could not break Westwood’s tight defense.

“We put up a lot of shots but they weren’t quality shots,” said Calumet coach Matt Laho.

After the first quarter Westwood led 11-8.

In the second quarter, Celia Kiilunen led things off with a jumper in the key for Calumet to bring the home team within one at 11-10. However, Westwood began to pull away and took a 30-20 lead at halftime.

“At halftime, I told them that I thought we had a good defense going but we had to start knocking down shots and we couldn’t,” said Laho. “There was a lot of offensive energy but nothing to show for it.”

Things only went downhill for the Copper Kings in the third as they scored only six points.

Laho added that there was no offensive rebounding effort from his squad. They would put up a shot and there was no follow through after.

Ava Anderson led the Copper Kings with 10 points. Celia Kiilunen followed with nine.

The Copper Kings are now 4-4 on the season.

“We had no inside game and had trouble getting back on defense to stop them there at the end,” Laho said.

Corcoran noted that the 23-point victory did not reflect the effort and energy the Calumet girls showed.

“They (Calumet) played us with a lot of energy,” he said. “They put on non-stop pressure and they kept us on our toes all the time. They did a fantastic job.”

Calumet 8 12 6 9 -35

Westwood 11 19 10 18 – 56

CLK: Loukus 2, Anderson 10, Sturos 2, Kiilunen 9, Larson 2, Djerf 8, Halonen 2; Fouls: 12; Fouled out: none; 3-point field goals: Anderson 2, Djerf 2

WES: Leece 15, J.Koski 5, M. Koski 12, Gardener 5, Patron 10, Miller 11; Fouls: 8; Fouled out: none: 3-point field goals: Leece 2, M. Koski 2

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